When We Free: Come to the Premiere of Black Feminist Film Schools First Production

When We Free: A Meditation on Faith and Liberation

Saturday August 1, 2015 4pm-7pm

Full Frame Theater, Durham, NC


Thank you for making this event a success! We sold out of tickets in less than a week. This is our first ritual screening. If you would like to know more about how it went and what exactly IS a “ritual screening” please contact us at blackfeministfilmschool@gmail.com.

When We Free – Film Teaser from J. Roxanne on Vimeo.

When We Free is a fiction film about a recently freed black community’s first camp meeting after emancipation. This revival takes place on a camp site and draws people from near and far all searching for one thing or another. In particular, they search for balance between the spiritual traditions they have brought across the Atlantic and those learned in the New World while in bondage.

Donate at: http://www.gofundme.com/ba5bqg#
More Info at: http://whenwefree.jroxmedia.com/current-projects/when-we-free-the-film/

We are proud to present the world premiere of When We Free a meditation on faith and liberation written and directed by Julia Sangodare Roxanne Wallace and produced by Black Feminist Film School and our whole community!!!
For more information about the film visit: http://www.whenwefree.com
For more information about the film visit http://www.whenwefree.com

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